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Please see below our current portfolio of special offers from our Sponsors in respect of which your clubs might qualify for a donation from the FSOA

Crowdguard is our current Main Official Partner and Platinum Sponsor, specialising in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. This can be an inexpensive alternative to equipment purchase, staff training in its use, deployment and stand down on match days.

Add to that, in anticipation of the eventual introduction of Martyn’s Law, they can carry out a Threat & Vulnerability Risk Assessment of your defined area, fanzones and Zone-Exs, make recommendations and provide you with it all in writing, so that you understand what is covered and what any residual risk might look like. They already involved with a number of clubs including Premier League and EFL.

THE FSOA will contribute £1000 towards the cost of these important documents for the first 10 clubs to apply. We have expressions of interest from 4 clubs so far, at all levels of the game, so it is becoming a “buy-now-while-stocks-last” situation.

If you think your club will benefit from this, and it will, please either contact:

Deborah Ainscough d.ainscough@crowdguard.co.uk

Peter Houghton peter.houghton@fsoa.org.uk

IPM Group, our Gold-Plus Sponsor, offers quite a wide range of products and services, useful to our clubs, one of which is the provision of steward services to our clubs. They are currently engaged with 8 football clubs, including Premier League and EFL, and their services range from total running of a clubs stewarding arrangement, to simple back fill.

If your clubs has a potentially difficult match on the horizon and it would benefit from low-cost or no-cost additional resources, the FSOA is ready to fund the provision of 10 SIAs plus a Supervisor/Project Leader to help you with your match.

We will definitely provide support of £1000 towards the cost for the first 10 requests and in some circumstance we may consider fully-funding. This is available to clubs not already utilising their services.

Additionally, they are an accredited training provider at Levels 2, 3 & 4 and the FSOA may be able to help candidates, where IPM Group provides the training.

They also have various other stadium management projects such as cleaning. Get in touch with us if you need any of this help.

Peter Houghton peter.houghton@fsoa.org.uk

John Rutherford jrutherford@ipmgroupuk.com or jrrsoj@yahoo.co.uk

Dallmeier is our longest-standing Gold Sponsor and their CCTV equipment is installed in around 15 Premier League grounds, several more in the EFL and many other stadia around different sports in the country as well as on the Continent.

Their outstanding support of the FSOA has seen many clubs benefit from a contribution from the FSOA towards upgrades and additional installations of CCTV cameras, especially their Redvision range.

Again, if your club is looking to add thing like dome cameras to help provide safer spaces, get in touch with us:

Peter Houghton peter.houghton@fsoa.org.uk or

Steve Hodges Steve.Hodges@dallmeier.com

All of our major sponsors can be found at our half yearly Conferences & Exhibitions, the next to be held on the 8/9 October 2024, details of which will be sent out shortly.

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