Who is Crowdguard?

At Crowdguard, we protect people and assets from harm by identifying threats and vulnerabilities and mitigating risk with appropriate and proportionate hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) systems and perimeter protection. We are committed to delivering high performance, cost-effective event security, providing proportionate protection from vehicle as a weapon attacks, aligned to threat, vulnerability and risk, operational requirements, and available budgets.
Crowdguard is a specialist event protection, crowd protection and HVM provider, dedicated to increasing public safety and freedom for crowds and public events.

We are a unique business in temporary event security and are closely linked with our sister company, Ainscough Industrial Services, which has over 40 years’ experience and expertise in equipment moving and handling. We use highly-skilled and fully-trained personnel to deploy our solutions, with owned transport and employed labour, ensuring our solutions are installed correctly and pass all our quality assurance checks.

We are confident that no other solution or service can match Crowdguard’s industry knowledge, reputation and commitment.

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